Why to select MS CRM as a development platform?

CRM is intended to provide functionality to sales, service, and marketing processes with its preconfigured entities, forms, fields, views, reports, security models, and workflows. Microsoft CRM development community can avail several out-of-box tools to extend custom business logic into CRM, comprising capability to develop custom fields, entities, views, forms, workflow, and security model to introduce certain business requirements into CRM.



For instance, an insurance company may develop a custom entity to handle and store their certain policy types for their customers, build workflows to send reminders about policy expire or to alter rates based on the customer status, or create rules into their security model. This all can be done using specialized tools offered within CRM development framework.

CRM platform’s great power is its ability to expand and change to work the way your business works. There are numerous instances. But more intricate business requires extending the system customizations beyond possibilities using these specialized tools. In such case, businesses can simply depend on CRM as a development platform as it is built on Microsoft stack and using SQL server, .net, WCF, and Windows Workflow Foundation.

When your business requires custom development strategy?

When businesses start using MS dynamics CRM, they get habitual of relying on its feature set. When coupling centralized data with their business processes, they experience potential growth in the sales. After time, the business gets to know other major needs for analyzing data, increasing sales, supporting their clients and finding more cost effective and profitable ways for doing business deals.

Though the fact is absolutely true that CRM can’t do everything- it won’t bake cookies for you- it is rare to determine a situation where custom extensions in CRM won’t meet any business requirement.  But with specialized tool set, businesses can avail most reliable and result-driven CRM solutions using Microsoft dynamics CRM implementation. It is quite clear, without such platform, no business can ever get new opportunities for its growth and survival in modern era.


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