Some Of The Latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Highlights

In this social world, where everyone wants to stay connected it is necessary to focus on delivering powerful user experiences. Microsoft Dynamics CRM development is playing a critical role to complete this need. This is the reason why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is always launching something unique and workable. Let us have a close look at latest CRM Customization Services and development highlights.


Skype connector for Microsoft dynamics CRM

The main objective of Skype connector is to connect Skype and Microsoft dynamics CRM platform together. Now CRM users can import all Skype contacts to CRM platform with a single click. It is also possible to call your Skype contacts with a “Call” button available at right hand side.

Modification in the table structure

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has made significant changes to table structure. In the latest version, there is no more extension base table to store custom attributes. It means if you want to upgrade an existing organization using Microsoft CRM 2011, it has to go through the process of merging and extension and base table together. As there is only single tale in latest version, up gradation to newer database may be challenging task.

Microsoft CRM workflow templates

In the latest CRM, you can use the same workflow for multiple projects. You just have to create a base template for other workflows. Also there are real time workflows that can be managed by non developers also. It would be fun playing with workflow templates to get better idea about Microsoft Dynamics CRM development.

Use FetchXML to manage queries instead of QueryExpression

QueryExpression is object oriented workflow but little more complicated when you are planning to manage queries. However, FetchXML gives visual description of each transaction and it is easy to work with queries as compared to past.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM development and CRM integration services has become much flexible and user friendly in last few years. There is more excitement hidden in store of CRM. Stay tuned with us to know more about CRM enhancement in present and near future also.


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