Social Media For Better Service With The Help Of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development

Due to hi - tech technology, clients become more smart and active before they make the buying decision for any kind of products. It is important to meet the needs of the consumers to keep them happy and also to keep in their touch.


Sales market and Advisors have to adapt the new customer journey. They have to make personal interaction with the customers or clients for the deep relationship and to set their business in the market.

Customers collect information and knowledge about the products or the executive of marketing (whom they are dealing with). Microsoft Dynamics CRM Service is enhanced with the help of mobile and social media.

There are many effective ways to sell their products to the clients. Some of these ways are as follows:

  • Selling to go is the best technique to sale the products with a good productivity and then advisors or executers can attract the clients too. They can see the information on a single device by using a tablet or a mobile.
  • There is no need to interact with the clients only by meeting them. Team selling is a good technique to sell your goods. You can get connection with the right people.
  • Skype, yammer, Lync are helpful to deal with the client without meeting them and also can manage the data and deals of harnessing with the help of such wonderful technologies.
  • Unprecedented social data is helpful to lead the generation of business. It is useful to manage the business with the help of build relationship and building of network in the social media.

There is a huge empowerment on sales team by the gain real time sales insight of it. Inline data for visualization, flexible dash boards and real time sales reporting are also under the empowerment of real time sales.


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