Microsoft Office 2016 Aims to Reinvent Productivity and Processes Of Businesses

Technology has revised the business processes and made them flawless. Office experts have set bolt ambition to reinvent processes and productivity of businesses in the cloud-first world. They have taken a further step to change the nature of work in the companies – no matter is it small scale or large scale one across three key dimensions-



  • Work needs mobility and not a device. Your work cannot be limited by any location or device. You must have enough ability to get anything done on your choice of device at your choice of place.

  • Conversations are the newest platform to get the things done. These are true drivers of productivity. You require solutions that make you eligible to collaborate with staff and partners working in different time zones, on selective devices and apps.

  • Productivity is now not bound to any single app. It requires a rich service to span your entire work and its artifacts, including communication, documents, business tasks and process events. Productivity is more like a service that relies on cumulative intelligence and knowledge which you and your company need to acquire.

Mobility, Intelligence, and Conversation are the three gears of productivity and thus, Office tools have been transformed and became more productive for companies. Today, businesses can use set of tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint together on the go with latest solutions, like Sway, OneDrive, Outlook, Delve, Yammer, Wunderlist, Sunrise, and Power BI. For receiving recent updated and enhanced services and apps, user can subscribe to Office 365 and use the apps across their devices.

Sales team is now able to track client relationship building precisely and is now following up with the customers on regular basis. Companies can use these solutions to harness the human network power, find and share data insights, and respond to events in real time.

Customers who don’t believe in boundaries that transform them and their companies are proving these productivity gears and solutions highly relevant. Earlier transformation of these processes was imposed, rigid, and inflexible. However, today Microsoft dynamics CRM customization and Office are making the efforts and changing the game with their solutions. These solutions have tendency to make business processes a catalyst to company’s productivity.

All this advancement of technology is intended to empower companies and their people to achieve more and perform better than the best.


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