Microsoft Dynamics CRM promises new analytics capabilities and Office 365 integration

After launching the Dynamics CRM 2015 last November, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is infusing new social, mobile and analytics capabilities with closer Office 365 integration.


The Spring 2015 release of MS CRM suite brings a new social center where sales, marketing, and service teams are able to monitor social topics and directly engage to communities. The suite helps companies in creating end-to-end customer interactions using social posts, while social analytics tools are offering text mining, social activity map, and cloud visualization. Combining the features together, CRM update is a redesigned user interface introduced by Microsoft dynamics CRM developers. The enhancements introduced in the update are catering five areas of social, productivity, mobility, analytics, and knowledge.

Determining the cross-device consistency requirement, the latest Dynamics CRM update also promises a ‘configure once, deploy everywhere’ model intended to provide user-friendly experience while interacting with the same sales processes across handsets. It has also added a mobile SDK through which users can extend and develop their own mobile applications.

The enhancements in productivity extend from deep and seamless integration of CRM with Office 365. Such integration allows Excel “what if” circumstances to update as forecasts inside the CRM and makes use of OneNote in CRM to enhance collaboration of the sales team. The update of analytics relates to the integration of PowerBI Connectors for Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and MS Dynamics CRM. Using this tool, users are able to analyze available data with interactive reports and dashboards in Power BI.

The knowledge updates come with the initial Parature’s integration that is offering knowledge management to daily service interactions of users. Moreover, new MS Dynamics CRM tablet app can now be regulated via secure mobility solutions. Companies are now able to enforce central policy management using tools like password management and device wipe.

It is expected that the customers will be able to use Spring ’15 update by the end of the second quarter of 2015.