How to leverage sales and marketing data and use MS Dynamics CRM?

Currently, MS dynamics CRM users are getting access to more customer data and prospects than before. All the data is gathered and tracked and growing rapidly in companies. Whether it is your backend office software, spreadsheets, paper docs, CRM and other valuable data keepers, your marketing and sales department gets insightful data that helps them in making strong business strategies and offering reliable customer services to their offshore or native clients.



But can a team leverage that critical data to determine and track latest trends and opportunities? Do the staff employees have access to the insight data they need to make the apt decisions?

When using Microsoft dynamics CRM customization services, you must ask questions while handling the data, like-

  • Does the CRM software has everything I need? If not, can we integrate the data to a system?
  • Who will be the authentic users to access data?
  • What metrics are crucial to the department, team, employee, and of course company.
  • What will be the data location and how often will it be reviewed and how?

CRM brings several interesting features, such as-


1. Filters

With advance approach to find and get personal views, filters are one of the finest features offered by dynamics CRM tool. It is a great place to start, well known, and regularly used by everyone in the company.

2. Charts

Remember the day when your boss was really impressed by your presentation- those colorful charts and graphics helped you to get that deal cracked! Everyone loves beautiful attractive charts and especially when they fit perfectly in your summaries and gross calculations.

 3. Dashboards

Dashboards make your day perfect by providing you easy access to your important metrics that you review often.

 4. Reports

Reports generated by CRM seem flawless and so precise when you need to group or brief most data.

What’s more? You can boost your business by going beyond CRM with Power BI.


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CRM software solutions require most of self-awareness as compared to any other software technology option when it comes to business. In most of the cases CRM software implementations failed to anticipate expectations when the user fail to understand how his company manages customer data and maintains client relationships.