Hortonworks Promises To Make Hadoop Architect Developers Life Easy

Hortonworks promises an improved experience for operators to make life of developers easy with its latest Hadoop architect platform. While particular features were listed inside the framework, interests and requests of developers were focused deeply. Each and every feature was analyzed through different aspects how it can be beneficial for Hadoop architect developers and Hadoop consulting team.



SQL queries were given more attention to enhance the interaction experience with big data files through different databases. “When Hortonworks is said that new architecture will make developers life easy” then what we mean by this statement and how developers’ experience can be improved significantly. to answer this question, Company has released preview last month to introduce the developers with all new features of Hadoop architect platform and its enhanced capabilities.

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The Experts said that new architecture has been designed after checking about the tools that are used by development team and what are the issues with old versions. Even suggestions by developers were taken to make Hadoop data management better and just better.

Initially, we focus on SQL developers how they work and what issues they face generally when working with Hadoop. SO what we have changed, let us have a quick look –

  • Structured queries execution
  • Visual plan for SQL queries and better explanation for each method and function
  • The debugging experience has been improved to ease the development work easy for developers

For the same purpose, semantic structure has been improved to use with Apache Hive. Some of the main highlights are performance tuning, query scheduling, streamlined user interface, etc. the latest architecture also brings an improved browser for easy scripting execution. Next is smart configuration where everything customized according to your convenience to utilize the Hadoop architect platform in best possible way.

Our developers have hands-on experience over latest Hadoop architect platform that makes data management easy and more efficient for enterprises. To know more on our Hadoop data management services, contact us now.