Hadoop Software Adoption Seems More Challenging For Companies- Is It?

In case a company likes to increase its storage capabilities for data and processing power, big data hadoop software developer can be an ideal solution to it. However, it seems more challenging to adopt hadoop technology in real. What challenges a company needs to go through while hadoop technology’s adoption? Here you will find them all and learn in detail why companies avoid hadoop technology.


1. Small data complexity

It is very essential for you to know how much data exactly your company handles before switching to hadoop technology. As this technology uses high capacity framework, the software faces issues while handling small batch files. In case your company is handling just small data amounts, then it is better to drop the idea of adopting hadoop technology.

2. Transition complications

Just in case it is your first time to try hadoop technology, remember that it will be tough. For beginners, hadoop is not at all user-friendly and you have to give it a try anyway. Though it is software, but it is not available as a downloadable software package.

Moreover, it is open source, so there is no dedicated software support available for the framework.

3. Instability in operations

Because hadoop is open source software, it is intended and designed by multiple contributors. This may allow sharing of ideas, but it also influences stability issues. The Opensource infrastructure of software creates room for rapid upgrades and enhancements, which further leads to compatibility issues.

4. Warranty issues

Your present hadoop framework and the data handled by it may not be under warranty. It is because your company may not own specific parts of this Opensource technology that results in warranty issues. This will leave your company financially responsible for data problems along with liability issues.


All these facts may be scary, but you can anyway enjoy implementing hadoop software technology into your company. If you already know the con side of the technology, you will beware of the things you need to take care. Besides these facts, hadoop can bring several benefits for your business. It has capability to handle huge data amount and that’s a plus point for your company if it is growing and requiring scalable software.

Hadoop is affordable software unlike other conventional DMS solutions and this is why major companies having smaller budgets like to go with Hadoop technology to grow their businesses.