Do you know how to update your Android smartphone?

 Android releases updates for its OS regularly for enhancing features, functionalities, bugs fixing and new features introduction. There is a process to update your android smartphone. You will receive a notification on your device for upgrading the system and it will ask you to back up the system to prevent any loss of data during upgrading. Make sure your phone battery is fully charged because such upgrades consume lot of time to complete and any interruption can cause re-installation of version.

How to do it?

  • Power on your Android device
  • Click on Settings
  • Scroll down and select About Phone option
  • Tap on System updates to know whether your phone requires update or not
  • In case you see the Install Now option, select it. Your update will download and device will restart automatically.

Why you need to upgrade your OS?


As we said in the starting, Android keeps on upgrading its OS on regular basis because it helps in making device more efficient in use. Latest upgrades and apps updates help in power saving and deliver high performance and great user experience. A smartphone is a smart phone till it gets a newer and smarter OS. Experts say that you should change your handset after every 2 years. Technology changes with time and with more speed than you think.

How many of you have heard about Lollipop 5.0 update?

It is believed that the update has its own pros and cons.


  • Smart lock
  • Better notifications
  • Appealing design
  • Multiple user account support
  • Enhanced performance


  • Complex UI elements
  • No-split screen multi tasking
  • Overview can get messy with tabs

It is said that Lollipop is the major Android update having several clever features that help users to enhance their experience. Do try and let us know how is it.

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