From Data Collection To Data Storage, Hadoop Handles Everything

If we talk about the conventional data analytics strategies, they were very time consuming and experts has to investment large amount to collect all types of data. Yet there are chances that they have missed out something. So what is more effective and easy data collection solution? Is it Hadoop? Yes, it is Hadoop that handles everything from data collection to data storage.


If we talk about big data projects, data collection, storage and integration is always difficult and needs skills and more attention. Hadoop ETL developers have all that skills and experience that they can handle big data projects with ease and convenience. The complete process of big data collection, data storage and data integration may sound crazy but it is easy to handle when you have to deal with small data sets and data is break down into chunks.

Data collection

Three popular categories to collect data are described below here –

First of all, data is collected from traditional sources by Hadoop ETL developers and ETL processes are one of the most popular approaches opted by every individual organization. You can collect data manually by simply copy and paste procedure or take help of modern software techniques for effective results.

Secondly, data collection is possible through Internet f Things IoT. The main issue is that data is voluminous and have to be collected wisely while working with IoT. This is standard form of data and does not require any immense transformation.

Next category is unstructured data when data is collected from media files or other similar resources. It is not that much complex but you have to sure that you have not missed out anything. Even after right tools, techniques and approach, data collection is most difficult equation for Hadoop ETL developers.

Next is data warehousing or data storage that can be done quickly if data has been collected wisely. If you still face any problem related to data collection or storage contact expert Hadoop ETL developers now.


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Since last few years, enterprises across private and public sectors have taken a strategic decision to leverage on big data. And the challenge to extract value from their big data is like other conventional problem of filtering business intelligence from transactional data.

Offshore Software Development, A Service With 8 Colors In A Rainbow

In recent years, India has emerged in the world as the country for having maximum number of software engineers. With software developers moving up for providing the chain of custom software development, the country has made a transition from centralized planning to a market-based country.


In market-based country, people from all across the globe are exchanging their views and paradigms to share the global outsourcing market all on its own terms and conditions. With the offshore software development company, people have been expanding their needs for all those IT related services and spectrums with 8 rainbows. A rainbow has only seven colors and how can I include a +1 in this? Well, the answer is simple, +1 color for the efforts taken by the people to expand their economies.

The software evolution:

In the past era of 1980s and 1990s, people started knowing that there is a great benefit in becoming the market-based organization. There are many talented software programmers who have acquired the highest level of CMM based certifications. There are many fortunate companies, who have been outsourcing their work to the other lands and this in turn has made India to exchange new ideas and invite new minds freely.  Initially, there are many segments of the market economies, wherein people have to showcase their talents and their ideologies to present a better view of the things. With the changes in the market economy, people in India have sectored their demands trying to figure out why to opt for the offshore software development strategies? Well, frankly speaking, there is a pool of talented personnel who are working with greater efficiencies and also helping companies to design unique solutions for them. By considering the high quality solutions, many companies are keen in providing their work to the different destinations.

Linking of various codes and many other devices:

With efficient coding and many other processes, companies these days are polishing the skills of their employees so that they can get a competitive advantage in their work. Not only in India, this has become a trend in many other organizations that with an extensive support of software and the designing skills, companies have captured greater markets and are attracting many other firms to have tie ups with their own organizations. This is extremely an essential task so that you can be acquainted with the new technologies and also new solutions too.

Better IT solutions in the application development process:

There is always a definite answer to know how people are outsourcing their work. With effective business strategies and custom software developments, people have always understood the business objectives with relative ease and sophisticated business applications. There are many phases that have been included in the offshore software development:

  • Effective business analysis and documentations.
  • Right requirement analysis.
  • Better software maintenance and support.
  • Implementation of efficient software packages.

With many companies opening up to new talents, India too has been working hard in the field of offshore software development. This is the relatively an easy character to portray and grow daily.


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It is true that both of these terms are highly related when it comes to software development services yet they are different in meaning logically. Offshore services providers are located in overseas countries whereas outsource service providers are either located in your city or they may be available overseas.


Microsoft Office 2016 Aims to Reinvent Productivity and Processes Of Businesses

Technology has revised the business processes and made them flawless. Office experts have set bolt ambition to reinvent processes and productivity of businesses in the cloud-first world. They have taken a further step to change the nature of work in the companies – no matter is it small scale or large scale one across three key dimensions-



  • Work needs mobility and not a device. Your work cannot be limited by any location or device. You must have enough ability to get anything done on your choice of device at your choice of place.

  • Conversations are the newest platform to get the things done. These are true drivers of productivity. You require solutions that make you eligible to collaborate with staff and partners working in different time zones, on selective devices and apps.

  • Productivity is now not bound to any single app. It requires a rich service to span your entire work and its artifacts, including communication, documents, business tasks and process events. Productivity is more like a service that relies on cumulative intelligence and knowledge which you and your company need to acquire.

Mobility, Intelligence, and Conversation are the three gears of productivity and thus, Office tools have been transformed and became more productive for companies. Today, businesses can use set of tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint together on the go with latest solutions, like Sway, OneDrive, Outlook, Delve, Yammer, Wunderlist, Sunrise, and Power BI. For receiving recent updated and enhanced services and apps, user can subscribe to Office 365 and use the apps across their devices.

Sales team is now able to track client relationship building precisely and is now following up with the customers on regular basis. Companies can use these solutions to harness the human network power, find and share data insights, and respond to events in real time.

Customers who don’t believe in boundaries that transform them and their companies are proving these productivity gears and solutions highly relevant. Earlier transformation of these processes was imposed, rigid, and inflexible. However, today Microsoft dynamics CRM customization and Office are making the efforts and changing the game with their solutions. These solutions have tendency to make business processes a catalyst to company’s productivity.

All this advancement of technology is intended to empower companies and their people to achieve more and perform better than the best.


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Software Outsourcing India – Control Is Essential For Triumph Business Solutions

Let us compile a few points quickly how offshore software development brings benefits to your doorstep –


  • Labors are highly cost effective and easily available.
  • Services from most professional experts can be utilized.
  • Software deployment can be made quickly and more efficient.

Together, software outsourcing in India brings challenges too. Let us see how –

  • Lack of management and process control
  • Lack of face to face interaction
  • Work culture differences

Every time you opt for software outsourcing in India, controlling each development process for successful software deployment is essential. Let us see why different software projects need constant monitoring and control.

  • Constant project monitoring will give you a brief idea on completed and pending modules
  • You can keep an eye on budget and control strictly whenever it is needed by you.
  • It will also give you an idea on project completion time. If you think deadline may cross then you may ask to speed up the project execution.
  • With constant monitoring and control, you can check quality of software during different stages and send feedback to modify whenever it is required.

Most difficult task in this world is to satisfy customers with best products and services. If you wanted to continue software outsourcing with your customer then it is must for you to interact with your customer and discuss their needs and expectations.

Next it is necessary to control development team and motivate the developers on time to time. For this purpose, a team leader should be assigned to manage whole development team and outsourced project.


In brief, we can say every development project needs control especially when it is outsourced in other country. However, you may reduce the headache to a large extent when experts are hired to complete this task.


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Without the practice of technical applications, it is impossible for any software development Company to use them or develop the programs or software. Software engineering part consists of coding, designing, rigorous testing, and feedback. Continuous integration method or place is the obvious starting phase to learn about software development.

Hortonworks Promises To Make Hadoop Architect Developers Life Easy

Hortonworks promises an improved experience for operators to make life of developers easy with its latest Hadoop architect platform. While particular features were listed inside the framework, interests and requests of developers were focused deeply. Each and every feature was analyzed through different aspects how it can be beneficial for Hadoop architect developers and Hadoop consulting team.



SQL queries were given more attention to enhance the interaction experience with big data files through different databases. “When Hortonworks is said that new architecture will make developers life easy” then what we mean by this statement and how developers’ experience can be improved significantly. to answer this question, Company has released preview last month to introduce the developers with all new features of Hadoop architect platform and its enhanced capabilities.

[ Knowing Hadoop Security and Data Protection Approaches Is A Good Skilled Developer Trait ]

The Experts said that new architecture has been designed after checking about the tools that are used by development team and what are the issues with old versions. Even suggestions by developers were taken to make Hadoop data management better and just better.

Initially, we focus on SQL developers how they work and what issues they face generally when working with Hadoop. SO what we have changed, let us have a quick look –

  • Structured queries execution
  • Visual plan for SQL queries and better explanation for each method and function
  • The debugging experience has been improved to ease the development work easy for developers

For the same purpose, semantic structure has been improved to use with Apache Hive. Some of the main highlights are performance tuning, query scheduling, streamlined user interface, etc. the latest architecture also brings an improved browser for easy scripting execution. Next is smart configuration where everything customized according to your convenience to utilize the Hadoop architect platform in best possible way.

Our developers have hands-on experience over latest Hadoop architect platform that makes data management easy and more efficient for enterprises. To know more on our Hadoop data management services, contact us now.

How To Differentiate Between Big Data Hadoop Old API and New API

This article will make you understand about big Data and hadoop programming old and new API. Hadoop experts are going to differentiate between Old API and New API on the basis of execution and output, control, configuration, communication, and class and location.

We are introducing the difference between the Hadoop Old API(0.20) and Hadoop new API(1.x or 2.x).

  • Conventions that I followed in this artical:

                       File Name

                       Class Name

                       Package Name




Class & Location


Old api is still present in ever newer hadoop version and can be found under  org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce package.

New api can be found under



Mapper & Reducer




In Old API Mapper and Reducers are defined as interface.

In New API Mapper and Reducer are defined as classes, so we can extend it and have Custom Mappers and Reducers without breaking old implementation of classes.

Control,Configuration and Communication

Job Control 


In old API job control is done through JobClient(JobClient does not exist in New API).

In new API job control is done through Job class.

 Job Configuration

JobConf object is used for Job configuration in old API.


Job Configuration is done through Configuration object and with the help of helper methods on Job.



In Old API mapper passes values to reducer as java.lang.Iterator

In New API mapper passes values to reducer as java.lang.Iterable

User code communication with MapReduce System



JobConf, OutputCollector, and Reporter objects are used for communication with Map Reduce System in Old API.

Context object is used for communication with Map Reduce System in New API.

Execution & Output

Output File name in HDFS

In Old API Mapper and Reducer output files are named like part-nnnnn in HDFS.

In the new API Mapper outputs are named part-m-nnnnn, and Reducer outputs are named part-r-nnnnn (where nnnnn is an integer
designating the part number, starting from zero).

Distributed Cache File Addition

In old API we can add files and archieves to distributed cache using,
JobConf jobConf = new JobConf();
DistributedCache.addXXX(new URI(“URI Location”),jobConf)


In new API Hadoop 1.0.4 we can add using,

Configuration configuration = new Configuration();
DistributedCache.addXXX(Path, configuration);

In Hadoop 2.6.0 we can add using,

Job job = new Job(configuration);
job.addArchiveToClassPath(new Path(“Path to Archive”));


Hope the concept of big data hadoop Old API and New API is clear to you. You can subscribe to our blog and get latest updates about hadoop application development. Share your genuine reviews for this entry.

Hadoop Software Adoption Seems More Challenging For Companies- Is It?

In case a company likes to increase its storage capabilities for data and processing power, big data hadoop software developer can be an ideal solution to it. However, it seems more challenging to adopt hadoop technology in real. What challenges a company needs to go through while hadoop technology’s adoption? Here you will find them all and learn in detail why companies avoid hadoop technology.


1. Small data complexity

It is very essential for you to know how much data exactly your company handles before switching to hadoop technology. As this technology uses high capacity framework, the software faces issues while handling small batch files. In case your company is handling just small data amounts, then it is better to drop the idea of adopting hadoop technology.

2. Transition complications

Just in case it is your first time to try hadoop technology, remember that it will be tough. For beginners, hadoop is not at all user-friendly and you have to give it a try anyway. Though it is software, but it is not available as a downloadable software package.

Moreover, it is open source, so there is no dedicated software support available for the framework.

3. Instability in operations

Because hadoop is open source software, it is intended and designed by multiple contributors. This may allow sharing of ideas, but it also influences stability issues. The Opensource infrastructure of software creates room for rapid upgrades and enhancements, which further leads to compatibility issues.

4. Warranty issues

Your present hadoop framework and the data handled by it may not be under warranty. It is because your company may not own specific parts of this Opensource technology that results in warranty issues. This will leave your company financially responsible for data problems along with liability issues.


All these facts may be scary, but you can anyway enjoy implementing hadoop software technology into your company. If you already know the con side of the technology, you will beware of the things you need to take care. Besides these facts, hadoop can bring several benefits for your business. It has capability to handle huge data amount and that’s a plus point for your company if it is growing and requiring scalable software.

Hadoop is affordable software unlike other conventional DMS solutions and this is why major companies having smaller budgets like to go with Hadoop technology to grow their businesses.